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“Meaningful Marketing is about educating clients on your virtues as opposed to tricking them into buying.”






Adapted from Meaningful Marketing by Doug Hall & Jeffrey Stamp

Consider Yourself an Educator

Simply put, the role of Sales and Marketing is to educate clients about the good news regarding what your offering can do for them. A research study found that clients’ purchase intent ratings, as well as their attitude toward a brand, were significantly higher when they experienced the product firsthand or watched an in-depth fifteen minute commercial as opposed to a brief one minute advertisement. Clients with high levels of product understanding are able to translate product attributes into personal benefits. Clients with little understanding see only your features and attributes. How can you teach clients the true virtues and applications of what you offer?

  • Teach Differently to Different Target Audiences.
    It is critical as an “educator” to understand the skill level and motivation of your students! Think deeply about your marketing message and sales approach. Customize your message to connect with where your client is coming from.
  • “Why Should I Listen to You?” Before presenting anything, your prospect must stop and listen. For maximum “stopping power”, focus your headline statement on the meaningful difference you offer. Be bold about how you can make a major difference for your clients!
  • “What’s in It for Me?” Focus your communication on your clients’ needs, not your personal preferences. What will they receive, experience, and enjoy from using your offerings?
  • “Why Should I Believe You?” The last part of education is explaining how you will accomplish what you promise. The level of credibility required depends on the breadth of your promise. Backing up your promises with a detailed action plan is critical!
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