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Sales messages that
are specific about
your point of
Meaningful difference
have a 52% greater
success rate.






Adapted from Meaningful Marketing by Doug Hall & Jeffrey Stamp

Be Specific About Your Meaningful Uniqueness

People are creatures of habit. Breaking their buying habits requires you to overtly, specifically, and directly articulate the benefits of your offering. How can you identify your point of meaningful difference?

  • Quantify your uniqueness by factually and measurably determining what your advantage is over the competition. Is your customer service response time twice as fast? Is your product 50% more durable? If you can’t quantify your advantage, don’t be surprised when customers go to a lower-cost competitor!
  • Describe your offering with a mind-opening thought that bluntly and boldly articulates how your offering will transform their lives. What is your true point of drama? Seek ways to help your customers see it more clearly.
  • Speak of your uniqueness from the viewpoint of new and existing customers. Ask both long-established and new customers what makes you different. Ask them to quantify the difference. Use their words to articulate the advantages of doing business with you.
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