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When the truth of your Meaningful difference is complex, never, ever, give up. Repeated exposure can help customers understand.






Adapted from Meaningful Marketing by Doug Hall & Jeffrey Stamp

Sell Complex Products And Services Differently

Ideally, your point of difference is simple and easy to understand. However, truth in today’s hi-tech world is rarely simple. Research indicates that the challenge of selling complex products becomes easier with patience and repeated exposure. The more often customers come in contact with a complex concept, the more they start to like it. What is your strategy to effectively sell your complex offering?

  • Plan for Repeat Exposures. Design your sales and marketing efforts such that they deliver multiple exposures. Provide demonstrations, web sites, and other sources of experiential learning. Provide follow-up info about the myriad of details that support your promise..
  • Compartmentalize Your Presentations. When presenting something that is highly technical, clearly state how you’re not going to describe it in detail. Resist the temptation to explain everything. Instead, offer a “white paper” that defines your technology or method for later reading. Offer a website or video that has complete details.
  • Be Open with Clients’ Feelings of Fear. When your offering is very new to the marketplace, be open about potential fear this may cause. Instead of hard-selling, be patient and acknowledge that it may take more time for them to accept the “new and different”. Give clients an opportunity to “test-drive” for an extensive period of time.
  • Help Ease the Transition. Reassure clients that the change will not be difficult. Detail clearly how easy the transition will be from where they are now and overtly address their specific fears.
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