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“Client perceptions of category complexity directly impact where to focus your communications”






Adapted from Meaningful Marketing by Doug Hall & Jeffrey Stamp

Managing Your Clients' Stereotypes

Consumers have pre-existing stereotypes about their ability to understand and comprehend various categories of new products and services. Research indicates that when a category is perceived to be complex and hard to understand, customers give up before they even begin considering new information. They become mindless in their buying because they feel they are incapable of making a meaningful evaluation of the category. Alternatively, when customers fully understand what drives a category, they are most likely to believe they have the capability of understanding meaningful differences. This empowers their ability to become more consciously involved in the decision making process; pointing to a need to find ways to document and define meaningful differences in a manner that overstressed clients can comprehend.

  • Be Sympathetic to Clients’ Lack of Technical Self-Esteem.
    A friendly, educational approach to your marketing will win you their understanding and trust. Avoid fancy jargon and instead, use simple analogies to shine a spotlight on your meaningful difference.
  • Proclaim How Your Technology Simplifies Everything. Make ease of understanding and operation an overt and meaningful benefit. Design ease of operation into your offering. Quantify how much easier it is to use your offering.
  • Be Daring in Old and Stable Categories. When your category is old, be bold and brash about your technological innovation. Clients fully understand what your core product is about; now push the news!
  • Focus on Advanced Clients in Tech Categories. When your category is technologically complex and your improvement or product is complex, target initial marketing efforts on leading-edge customers. They will most appreciate and applaud your technological advancements.
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