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Does this sound like the situation you find your business in?

  • Your business provides outstanding products or services, yet you are having difficulty getting in front of enough of the right people
  • You’ve been in business for a few years with a handful of excellent clients. All of a sudden you lose one of them and 30% of your revenue disappears. There has been no need for “sales” in the past. Now what?
  • You have relied on word of mouth referrals for all new business since you’ve started. Suddenly, the referrals stop. How do you continue to grow?
  • You have been doing all of the sales for your company since the beginning. Now you’ve reached a point where all of your time is demanded to run day to day operations. Who will make new contacts and do the sales?
  • You are getting lots of opportunity to sell your product or service, yet you find that finalizing the sale is a struggle. How can you turn those opportunities into real business?
  • Your cash flow is not stable enough to sustain the overhead of a full time salesperson.
  • You lack the expertise or resources to interview and hire a full time salesperson.
  • You dread thinking about the difficulties of managing a salesperson
  • You are great at sales, or have someone on staff that is great at sales. You’ve identified that the bottleneck is in getting more opportunities to sell. How do you generate them?

Marketing Sales Solutions is your answer to solving the sales puzzle. Contact us today to find out
how we can turn your sales goals into reality!

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